Junge Sprachwissenschaft e. V.

Digital Methods in Linguistics

Our association plans a series of workshops on the topic of digital methods for the winter term.

These workshops will be mostly independent from each other, so that you can attend single workshops without requirements or prior knowledge.

There will be three blocks of workshops (data processing, data collection, and communication design). The topics will be the following:

Block 1: data processing

Block 2: data collection

Block 3: communication design

All of the workshops will be held by people with substantial experience in the respective method.

Each will take place on a Friday and the following Saturday. The precise dates and times of the day will be made public soon (but the times will most probably focus on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning).

! Note that the majority or even all workshops will be held in German!

If you already know that you are interested in one or more workshops, please take part in the poll below (also in German): Poll for workshop participation

There you can choose between interested (✔), not interested (✘) or possibly interested (?) for all workshops. You can also make comments within the application.