Junge Sprachwissenschaft e. V.

StuTS Scholarship

In order to help you in giving a talk at the StuTS, the association Junge Sprachwissenschaft e.V. offers five scholarships for the StuTS in Graz. You will receive 60€. You are only eligible for a scholarship if you are giving a talk. The following criteria will also impact the selection process:

You have to hand in the abstract of your presentation and write two sentences on your motivation as a part of the application.

Applications can be submitted via https://anmeldung.stuts.de/stuts75_stipendium. The application deadline is April 3 2024. The scholarships will be awarded by April 13 2024.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us at: vorstand [at] junge-sprachwissenschaft [dot] de