Junge Sprachwissenschaft e. V.

Social Media


The StuTS Discord server at (https://discord.gg/BYXXAvw) provides a platform for (voice-)chats for those who need their regular dose of linguistics community throughout the year as well as those who would like to figure out what the community is like before attending their first StuTS.

Facebook & Twitter

Regular updates on the StuTS organisation and other association events can be found on

Additionally, there are sometimes Facebook pages and groups for individual StuTS conferences (see nächste StuTS (upcoming StuTS) for more information).

Mailing List

The mailing list StuTS-Announce serves for spreading information about the upcoming StuTS and similar events. All members can send out emails to all members themselves. All emails are moderated, before being passed on to all members.

Bulletin Board

You can find a forum, created by Jan Wohlgemuth on https://www.linguisten.de. Besides the StuTS-forum, there are platforms for all sorts of topics that might be of interest to students of linguistics, grown up linguists, or interested lay people.