Junge Sprachwissenschaft e. V.


Web and Social Media Editors

Since our websites and social media accounts need constant updating we would be happy to include you in our social media and website editors' team. If you're interested in supporting our activities on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Discord, or our websites stuts.de and junge-sprachwissenschaft.de, please get in touch at: vorstand [at] junge-sprachwissenschaft [dot] de.


Are you into design? If you would like to create brochures, posters, or online media, feel free to email us at: vorstand [at] junge-sprachwissenschaft [dot] de.

Conference Organisers

We are happy to support you in organising your own small, local conference. If you're interested, please email us at vorstand [at] junge-sprachwissenschaft [dot] de!

System Operators/Technical Support Team

We are always looking for people who are interested in maintaining and extending our IT infrastructure. It consists of linux servers and webapps, some of which are developed in house. All you need are basic IT skills. If you're interested, get in touch at: admin [at] junge-sprachwissenschaft [dot] de.

Language Didacts and (Future) Teachers

We would like to bring more linguistics into schools. If you yourself are studying to become a teacher or are in any other way linked to working with students or schools, this may be just the task for you. As part of this you may get involved in politics to support the role of linguistics in teaching currucula or develop your own teaching schemes for linguistics topics. A collection of teaching material, including entire teaching sessions, may be foudn here: hier If this is the team for you, feel free to email: vorstand [at] junge-sprachwissenschaft [dot] de.

Experts for Modern Research Methods

We are always looking for students who bring innovative approaches to their research. If you know your way around something that is not widely used and taught in linguistics and that would be a useful addition to traditional methods - especially across fields and disciplines - please get in touch! We would love to contribute to a modernisation of research and teaching through methods competences, especially in the digital humanities. Students for students, of course: vorstand [at] junge-sprachwissenschaft [dot] de

Experts for Linguistic Lamp Screens

If you have an idea for something you'd like to work on that we haven't come up with, we are happy to hear about it: vorstand [at] junge-sprachwissenschaft [dot] de