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As an association that provides young researchers a platform for networking, we are ourselves dependent on cooperation with young researchers on a national and international level. Therefore, we are constantly building ties with young linguists in other countries and from other disciplines and to share information about their work. We have already developed an extensive network and created a platform for further cooperation.



The newly founded TaskForce considers itself a space where young researchers can connect based on their common goals. We are working towards an improved university education and demand that our universities as well as lecturers follow and teach modern research practices. We are thereby aiming at contributing to an education which is not simply self-serving but provides students with realistic job opportunities in the 21st century.

Hence, the TaskForce offers you the opportunity to both benefit from and contribute to its work. The TaskForce’s main task is the pooling of methodological skills. More precisely, we would like to form a network of highly methodologically skilled students who share their skills with other students. That is, if you would like to learn about methods which are not taught at your university or department, you can get in touch with the TaskForce pool. Possible topics may include statistical programming, machine learning, webscraping, or corpus linguistics. Generally, we will try to find the right person for you and the methodology you want to expand your skills in. This person would then come to your city and share their skills with you. The exact detail of this teaching session will be up to you and the sharing student.

You should join the task force, if you, like us, are convinced that the current closing of linguistics departments, the lack of interdisciplinary work, and the job opportunities of graduates could be improved through skills in modern research methods. Get involved and share your expert skills from your field by organizing (online) workshops with other students! Get to know other students who want to expand their knowledge and support each other!

The lack of skills in contemprary research methods appears to be particularly wide-spread in parts of the sub-fields of linguistics (such as the philologies), therefore, we are raising these issues at conferences, other associations, and departments to promote this type of teaching amd modernize future research partices. The TaskForce als aims at reviewing the situations at the different universities. This means that you can also reach out to us and tell us about the conditions at your department/university and which methods you would like to learn about on top of what is regularly taught. Addtionally, we are happy to hear about potential newly created study programmes which are technologically focused to spread this information.

Furthermore, we are compiling bibliographies for your own education. If you are motivated to do research for these collections of materials and literature, feel free to contact us!

Sister Organisations

We are in regular contact with the following associations. If you are interested in getting in touch with any of them or want to know more, please feel free to contact us! International conference visits, interdisciplinary research projects, or native speakers of particular languages. Communication brings all those things within reach!

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