Junge Sprachwissenschaft e. V.

Getting active

Would you like to become part of a network of students across Germany and Europe? Are you interested in an academic discourse on linguistic topics and spread those topics beyond the boundaries of your university into society? Would you like to organise events and help others with theirs? The Association for Young Linguistics provides the platform and community for you to develop and realise your ideas.

You can find a number of ideas on how to become an active member under postings. However, your own ideas are always welcome too.

Supporting membership

The association is not only build by active members, but also by so called supporting members. Formally, there is no difference - all pay the same membership fee (10 €/year for students, 20 € for anybody else). However, those who see themselves as supporting members may decide to pay a higher fee.

With your membership fee, you support the aims and proejcts of the association. We will keep you updated on our projects via the website and yearly activity reports.

You can use the supporting membership to remain connected to the StuTS community, if you have outgrown it or can’t join the conference anymore.


Joining is easy. Just fill in the registration form and send it to us, or give it to us personally at the next StuTS. The membership fee is a minimum of 10 €/year for students or 20 € for anybody else.

At the StutS, you can always come and talk to us! A lot of members of the association Junge Sprachwissenschaft are regular attendees, so just ask the organising team or other conference participants who we are.